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Puppy Trainers in Seattle, WA & All Surrounding Areas: Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, Scottsdale & The Rest Of Maricopa County.

Puppy trainers in Seattle, Arizona.

Our Puppy Training Program

#1 Rated Puppy Training in Seattle, WA.

Puppy training is incredibly important in eliminating bad habits before they become permanent behavior that is much harder to fix. It also sets the foundation for more advanced training in the future. 

While a puppies brain is not developed enough to understand advanced commands until approximately 6 months of age, the framework of basic commands (sit, stay, and down) coupled with desensitization is crucial to having the best trained pup around.

Our Puppy Training Program

We believe that every pup can use training as it will set the framework for a respectful dog. It is also incredibly important to work out all bad habits before they become solidified later in their life. If your puppy shows signs of aggression then training is absolutely necessary.

Your Puppy Will Learn

Your pup will walk by your side with no leash

  • Sit when you stop walking
  • Come when called
  • Stay under any distraction in just 4-6 weeks!

All at home obedience will be taken care of well including barking, jumping, chewing, and puppy biting.

6 private sessions, Full Off Leash Capabilities, Full video training series with unlimited access, Sun up to sun down text support for any training questions you may have, Includes E-Collar (Valued at $200), Your dog will be able to heel by your side with no leash under any distraction, While your dog is heeling you they will sit by your side every time you stop walking, Come when called command under any distraction, Stay on command under distraction, Total recall back to the heel position, No more unwanted barking, chewing, jumping, or licking, Free Retraining For the Life Of Your Pet!

We will meet in a public park 1 hour once a week to train your pup. in our first session we will train your pup how to heel and sit by your side. We will also equip you with all the proper knowledge needed to continue training for the rest of the week until our next session. After session 1 you will receive our video sessions to help aid in the homework for the week. Session 2 we will perfect everything taught in session 1. Session 3 we will start the stay command, our goal will be to get your pup to stay for 2 minutes straight by the end. Session 4, if this is our final session we will make sure everything is perfected leaving no bad habits. If session 4 is not the last, we will either introduce short distance recall where we will teach your dog to go from a heel to a stay, or we will practice the stay command some more. Session 5 we will work on perfecting everything including recall. Session 6 we will introduce long distance recall where we will teach your pup to come to your side from any distance with and distraction level.

What Will My Pup Learn?

Eliminate Unwanted Behavior

Learn New SKills

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Paladin No Leash K9 Training

Before Belfort’s training, he would pull on his leash to the point of near suffocation. Now he can walk through a busy store with no leash at all.

1 Year Old Adopted Pit Pull, Fiji, before and after!

When we first started working with Fiji she was very reactive to other dogs and would choke herself on the leash. Now she is able to walk with no leash. at all and it only took 3 sessions!

Train your dog to heel without a leash in 4-6 weeks!

Jade was very fearful of everything and would try her hardest to run away. After just 5 weeks of training, Jade can now walk by her owners side under any distraction and is much more confident on her daily walks.

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