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Owner / Head Trainer

I have been training dogs my whole life and professionally for 3 years. I spent most of my life in Washington DC, but decided to move to Arizona for a change in weather. That is where I founded PK9 and have changed many lives since.



Elton was a previous graduate of PK9 with his dog Lady. After seeing how his pup’s life was changed, Elton wanted to do the same for others by becoming a full time trainer with Paladin K9 Training. 



Hannah is a Washington State native and was our first addition to the PK9 family and has been professionally training for 3 years. She works very hard as a full time Arizona State Student and a dog trainer. 



Izel is one of our newest additions to the PK9 team. We chose Izel because of his work ethic and dedication to the community. During the day, Izel is working hard to become a part of the WA police force and is always looking for a way to better the community.  

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